Excuse Me

I was watching a YouTube video which I had already seen several times. It is a promotional piece for an organization called Men of Honor which works to restore the hearts of young men and mentor them. There is also a Ladies of Honor which does the same for young ladies. If you’re interested in learing more about them (I hope you are; they are great), their website is http://themenofhonor.org.

I was showing the video to a business guy who was engaging the inner city schools of Philadelphia and is on the cusp of quitting his job to plant a church there in Philly. Because of his focus and experience with kids, I shared the video with him as I figured it would impact him. It might have, but it flat-out wrecked me.

Even though I had seen it before, I was moved to compassion which produced tears to the point that I excused myself. I went to the men’s room and cried. I cried for the countless orphans that are completely hopeless all around us. I cried for the choices these kids end up making in the wake of their father’s departure. I was moved beyond what I can describe. I was moved to action.

Sometimes, there is something worth fighting for. We can only hope that thing, or those things, stir our hearts to the point of desperate resolve. We can only hope that we are moved from our place of apathy to a place of action. We want in the game and it’s a gift when we are given the revelation of what sport it is that we’re playing in the first place.

God, in His sovereignty, has invited us to take care of His stuff here on earth for Him. His stuff is His people. He wants us to want to take care of His people. When we don’t, something along the way has gotten us off the tracks which we were designed to travel on.

What stirs you? What moves you to tears to the point that you need to go to the restroom? If you don’t know, ask God to show you. If you do know, what are you doing about it?

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