Just Go

There has been a systematic lie initiated and spread to paralyze people from a life of action. Destiny awaits each of us, yet because of the sinister nature of this lie, there is a gap between the call to destiny and fulfillment of that purpose. The time is now for each of us to step over the carnage of this lie into the promise of our future.

There is a story in Mark 5 that tells us how Jesus dealt with people who’s lives were destroyed by various forms of torment. In that story, He comes across a man tormented by demons to an extent beyond what most of us have ever witnessed. He was completely out of his mind and living isolated because of his condition.

Jesus delivers the man from his torment, sending his demons to dwell among the pigs who swiftly run off of a cliff (likely the man’s destiny had Jesus not delivered him). The man, now of his right mind and all cleaned up, wants to travel with Jesus as He was traveling and announcing the Kingdom. Jesus refused, however, encouraging the man to go home to “his people” to tell them of what Jesus had done.

Jesus was releasing the man to multiply among the people whom the man knew through his circles within his community. They knew the man when he was all screwed up, now they would see what Jesus had done in addition to hearing the man’s story when he shared what had happened. Certainly, his story and the evidence in his life was compelling.

Here’s the lie that most of us would have bought, taught or believed: the lie is that the man wasn’t qualified for ministry because he was such a new believer. Jesus didn’t put him through a class or program nor did he run any assessments on him. He didn’t worry about whether or not the guy fell and allowed the demons back in or whether or not the man was articulate and polished enough to present a compelling account of the Kingdom. Jesus wasn’t worried about whether he was pre-trib, post-trib, Calvinistic, Armenian, charismatic or conservative.

Just go; you’re ready. Your destiny awaits.

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