Ever feel like you’re running on empty? Ever been trying your best to do all the right things, but the right things seem to literally be sucking the life out of you?

When you get to those times, as much as you set your mind to persist, your soul is drained and life lacks joy. On top of that, there is a greater chance of feeling ineffective in those times of effort without juice. So not only has joy left the building but impact and value are brought into question. The net result can be a feeling of hopelessness.

There is sometimes a lie which circulates in faith-based circles which suggests that we are immune from this type of negative experience once we know Jesus. Not only is that not true, the reality is that the opposite should be expected. We are almost certainly going to be called to the end of ourselves time and time again. So then what?

In Mark 6, Jesus sends His guys out to preach, heal and deliver people with power. They return to Jesus to report all that they had done and he invites them to rest and be refreshed with Him. They have drawn a crowd, however, and the crowd pursues them wanting more. Not only is the crowd hungry for the spiritual ministry, they also want and need to eat.

Even though the disciples urge Jesus to send the crowd away for them to go back into town to eat, Jesus refuses and effectively demands more from His guys even though they are all poured out and lacking resources. They question they have is how in the world they can continue to serve people when they have nothing left?

This is where Jesus multiplies the fish. He takes what they have and makes it more to the point that there is actually excess. When they are done physically and emotionally, He moves in power to extend what little they have left beyond what could reasonably be expected. There is excess in Him when there is lack in them.

So the point is clear, right? He will restore us supernaturally in our times of emptiness. The choice we have is to recognize our limits and offer Him our lack. Throwing your hands in the air and telling Him, “I can’t do it” doesn’t make sense to our world but it multiplies things in our spirit.

I can’t do it.

One thought on “More

  1. True, True……funny how this is not my first line of thinking when I’m empty. I’ll try and remember next time.
    Much love from VA!

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