Making Things Worse

I once had a client who was charged with a misdemeanor punishable by jail time but was on probation for a felony. The probation carried the threat of five years in prison so if the client were convicted of the misdemeanor, they would get prison time on the felony. So, with a lot on the line, I allowed the client’s wife to sit in on a meeting I was having with the client. 

The wife was opinionated, rude, annoying and wrong. She was loud in her erroneous attempts at applying her interpretation of law to her misstatement of fact. As much as I wanted to help my client, his wife was making things worse, not better. There came a point, after several attempts to rein her in, that I told her she was not allowed to talk any more during this meeting.

The defendant himself was accurate and sincere in his recitation of the facts. It turned out he didn’t do “it,” which is not the norm, and we won the case. He was likeable and appreciative, sending me a card thanking me for his defense and posting some nice words on my website. I liked him just fine, but sure did have a problem getting along with his bride at first.

The church is the Bride of Christ. Christ is likable and attractive. He is so sincere and so loving that very few people reject Him entirely from what they know about Him. It’s His bride that they often struggle to get along with and sometimes tell not to bother to talk anymore, because there will be no more listening.

The Bride of Christ is beloved by Christ. He intends her to be a representation of Him on earth, advancing His interests and purposes as agents acting in the same manner that He would. He isn’t rude, annoying, loud or wrong. He is loving without judgment and compassionate without compromise.

We, the Bride, need to become more socially acceptable. Not compromised, but relational. We need to adopt the tone and perspective of the Bridegroom. We need to care about the people He cares about, which are all people. We need to quit believing that we need to make up for His shortcomings and come to His defense, because He has no shortcomings and needs no defense. He is fully adequate and the accusations against Him will not stand as true.

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