Good News – No Fooling

Today is April 1st so we need to be goofy. We need to lie to people about stuff and then when we can fool them, exclaim “April fools!” It’s all in good fun and it is April 1st, after all.

Yesterday was March 31st, but it was also Easter. So yesterday we needed to dress up, go to church, hunt eggs and eat. We needed to be nice and say nice things about Jesus. The last thing we would have done would have been to lie to someone and then yell something at them because it was Easter.

What a difference a day makes. Based on the turning of the calendar, we go from being nice and churchy to intentional lies. At the risk of being scroogy, I’m calling it all into question.

The Bible tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue and not to bear false witness today just as much as it did yesterday. It also says that Jesus has risen this morning just as much as He did yesterday morning.

The joy of Easter is everyday, as is the joy of Christmas and even the joy of our birthday. We don’t need the calendar to dictate when we are happy about the joy of a Savior or the joy of a life we’ve been given to live with Him.

So Happy Easter, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday today. Today we remember that Jesus came from Heaven to live a perfect life as man in order to restore us to relationship with God! That’s Good News! He uniquely created us to live in that realtionship with Him and we are invited to join Him in the advancement of His Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. No fooling.

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