Are We Almost There Yet?

Sometimes we just wait. Seriously, that’s it. Just wait. That’s easier said than done for most of us.

We live in a society not particularly fond of waiting. We believe that with the right effort and attitude, we can control the outcome of most things. We believe we deserve the outcomes we desire. Sometimes, many times, that’s true. It’s not Truth, though.

Of course we should put our hands to the plow. Work is good and necessary.

Of course we should petition God for His favor. Prayer is powerful and effective.

Then, more often than not, wait. Wait for the One that we call on to have His way in us as we look to Him to have our way in stuff. We want Him to help us and look for evidence in our circumstances that He is on the job. He looks inside us to determine when the job which He really cares about is done.

It’s in the waiting, not the answer, that we learn of Peace. It’s in the waiting, not in the satisfaction, that we learn of Faithfulness. It’s in the waiting, not in the winning, that we learn of Joy.

When I was going through a thing a few years ago a friend of mine asked me, “Do you think that this is the beginning, middle or end” of the trial? He suggested discernment within the framework of that question would lead me to knowing when to expect relief. Once the job was done. The job within me.

There is stuff that I would like to happen right now, if not sooner. I really, really want what I want. Because I’ve been here before, I know that by the time the evidence is evident, the work in me will have already been done. So as I wait, my best barometer of expectation is likely to ask my Father, “Dad, what’s my heart like now?”

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