Collective Essence

Left without reliance on a checklist, what do we have? The context of our efforts gives us indications of whether or not the fruit is our lives is temporal or Eternal. So what is it that fulfills that need? It’s the essence.

Our individual essence is our identity; our relationship to God and who He says we are. When we come together as a group, there will be a collective essence, as well. We’ll have a lowest common denominator that is who we are together.

We’re finding that in this new church. We’re seeing that there is an essence to a church that we haven’t necessarily identified in our previous church experience. While the churches we attended previously had discernible cultures, we were never involved at the core of the pioneering of that culture so we weren’t as cognizant of the essence.

In this smaller group, as we examine practically every thing we do from a perspective of inception, a refreshing simplicity has emerged. We have questioned and studied practically everything we do to determine if it is necessary and True or just an extension of what we have seen elsewhere.

At the core of what we are experiencing is simply relationship. It is relationship among each other as we collectively seek a relationship with God. It is a relationship with Him dependent on His presence manifesting among us.

We are coming into agreement with Him as to what His church is, at least as it is expressed in this situation. That agreement is bringing Hope and Life. The realization of God dwelling among a group of people as the core of church is not unique, but it is fresh in how we are observing this particular expression of Him.

We’re a pretty small group of people as it currently stands and the benefit of that intimacy is refreshing. Most of us have enjoyed larger congregations and the resources they afford but the pureness of relationship available in smaller gatherings brings a unique benefit.

Nobody darkens the door of a church without some core desire to be different as well as some recognition of the need to be connected. The change within us depends on His touch of our hearts. The connection we seek is available among others who seek the same transformation. The essence of a community of change-seekers is on display when the distractions of man’s applications don’t cloud the observation of His faithfulness in and among us.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin . . . ” Zechariah 4:10.

Yes and amen. We are embracing these beginnings and rejoicing with Him.

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