Contagious Transformation

I benefitted last week from traveling with men of excellence and character who practice the discipline of honor. We were in Belize to meet with like-minded leaders of that nation in the interest of starting a mentoring program called Men of Honor. The program intentionally invests in the future of the future to purposefully impact legacy.

Men who are intentional are as contagious as those that are around them allow them to be. I found myself listening, eaves dropping and contemplating things that I claimed for my benefit. I received the advantage of being sharpened and built up which comes when surrounded by champions.

From the depth of the experience with these men I am afforded the benefit of their wisdom. At the same time, I face the choice of what to do with that benefit. What I choose will determine whether that deposit is multiplied or squandered.

Mentoring or discipleship is dependent on the mentored, not the mentor. The offering of impartation that is available to others is just an opportunity looking for a ready recipient. The recipient drives the result; the impact is only manifest to the degree that the opportunity is embraced.

It’s been said, and I believe, that we should be a disciple and a disciple maker at all times. That is, we should always seek and allow people into our lives who will lift us up. At the same time, we should always be looking for those that can use a hand whom we can assist in their walk.

In Romans 12, Paul teaches us that we each have differing measures of faith. These measures are not our final measures unless we choose to squander the opportunity for increase. In the meantime, as we seek to explore the fullness of our potential, we are part of a body with diversity of functions, gifts and faith. When we receive what we have been given in humility, recognizing that we have what we have only by grace, then we are positioned to allow the gifts and maturity of others to impact our pursuit of maturity.

I help and I am helped. I give and I receive. I am thankful as well as hungry. I choose, this day, to allow others to invest in me and intend to invest in others as their permission is extended. Transformation follows.

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