Agents of Healing

When I was practicing law and working with many new and different court appointed clients every week, I would often be reduced to talking with them through a video monitor or a small vision block in a cell door. My view was limited but my vision increased.

I was limited to their faces, but relied on their eyes. Their eyes would communicate regarding their shame, rejection and despair. Their eyes would also communicate the connection of Truth if/when I was able to speak Hope which they were able to receive. The change within them in that moment where Hope took it’s place within them was evidenced in their eyes.

In Matthew 14:14, Jesus is about to feed the multitudes. As He arrived, He “saw a large crowd, and felt compassion for them and healed their sick.” The first thing that happened was that he saw them. He noticed their reality and their needs as it moved Him to compassion.

We need eyes to see. We need to see like Jesus saw. That should be our #1 prayer as we walk out our faith . . . “Lord, give me eyes to see.”

Once we see others for where they are, the heart responds from what it knows. If we know Compassion, we respond with compassion. If we only know the rules, we’ll respond with a harsh recitation of judgment based in what we believe to be right and wrong.

He is Faithful and when we see the needs and respond with compassion, the opportunity to engage is now front and center. According to Scripture, what followed (and what can follow today) is healing. All of a sudden, we are in the game as agents of healing because we had eyes to see the needs of others. Put me in coach, I’m ready to play.

It’s more than a Sunday morning get together. It’s more than a head full of knowledge. With eyes to see, we can be agents of encouragement, hope and healing. We can carry the Kingdom.

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