The Ripple

There’s stuff to do. We do that stuff for various reasons. Maybe we need to make a living, maybe we want to get ahead, maybe we want to make an impact and maybe just because it’s what we do without much more consideration.

No matter the reason for doing the stuff that we do, within the journey of doing we all ask ourselves at various points “why?” We seek the why behind the “what” and hope to find reasons that stand the test of fire. That fire, the fire that is both internal and external, clarifies our purpose and affirms our identity or it leaves us wanting for both purpose and identity.

In the middle of busy and in the middle of necessary, we want to go deeper. We want to know that the middle will lead to an end which isn’t filled with the regret of a miss. A miss of the mark which we perceive we could have or should have reached.

How do we really measure the “why,” then? Is it money? Titles? Maybe it’s affiliation with a cause deemed valid?

It’s always people. It’s always the life on life experience we have with others. Those others can reside with us or they can be a stranger through a brief encounter. The things that we do which withstand the fire are evidenced in the lives of others.

Our identity, purpose, satisfaction and questions fade to secondary concerns when we are walking in legitimate and healthy relationships from which we put others first. Sometimes we’re selfish but the attraction towards serving is bigger than the comfort we can ever find within ourselves. If we’ll indulge that pull at the temporary expense of sacrfice, the pull grows. It will continue to grow with each experience as we taste of the richness of satisfaction which resides in purposeful and impactful interactions with those around us.

We desire a legacy. We desire a retrospective assurance of a life worth living. The ripple of our splash is what we seek and the only way for that ripple to carry on is through others.

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