Getting Ready

We walk through stuff to get to other stuff. The first stuff makes us ready for the second stuff. A few years ago, I knew that was going on when I was practicing law.

I was doing a lot of court appointed work which means that I was meeting a lot of interesting people. These people often were out of control. Their life circumstances and bad choices had piled one on top of the other to leave them facing difficult circumstances.

About that time, a friend of mine shared with me that the best environment for ministry is one which allows someone to come in, sit down and say, “I just ________ (fill in the blank with any bad thing you can think of)” with no visible reaction or shock from you.

I had been active in ministry as a volunteer for some time and had some interest in doing more of it but just wasn’t sure if that was what God had for me. That description of the perfect ministry led me to the realization that I was in a season of preparation and that there would be more to come.

Every day, people told me their junk. I needed to know their stories in order to be an effective advocate for them and their interests. I had gotten used to hearing the good, the bad and the ugly while sifting through the initial story to get to the truth. I was able to deal with the situation without judgment and not lose sight of the person as they were intended to be behind the person as they appeared.

In a two-year period, I represented probably close to 2,000 court appointed clients. That was great training for the one person I need to hear without judging. That was great training for the appreciation for our need to have an Advocate who will accept us despite our junk and see the potential in who we are despite what we have done. That was great training to meet the hurting in the middle of their hurt and introduce them to the Healer.

Here we go . . .

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