Being gifted in things is a positive. We all have ability in different areas to do certain things well. We are created to have a place in the bigger picture and when we are in that place, there is a sweet flow to our lives.

Recently, Julie and I were in a meeting about the new church which is set to meet for the first time on February 3rd. We had been introduced to a man who was offering us a tremendous help in the effort to get started. As we were in this meeting, the specifics of what we were receiving and what our obligations would be were unfolding.

As I sat in the meeting, I found myself at various times thinking like a lawyer, a strategist, a leader, and a business person. The tension inside of me started to build as I processed the situation and considered the outcome.

Then I was reminded of Julie’s gifts. She is incredibly gifted to know the heartbeat of God. She knows His whisper and trusts Him courageously. “Why not let her take this,” I was prompted?

Not too long ago, I doubt that I would have yielded control. I figured things like “I lead; I’ve got this” with mostly well-meaning rationale. I certainly would have received her opinion but likely off to the side before I then communicated externally for us.

Instead, this time I sat back in my chair and, at a break in the conversation, I asked her out loud and in front of the others “what do you think about all this.” As I asked that question, I turned this over to her. It was her time to take the lead with her gifts.

She was incredible. She stepped right into the opportunity to captivate our host with the depth of Who is in her coming through her words, emotions and expressions. She was bright and insightful, with assurances of our direction. I was able to enjoy the benefit of her gifts as I loosened my grip on trying to grasp all responsibility for everything related to this decision. It was so good.

I’m still learning how to work as a team. I have a strong, bold personality which brings some positive possibilities as well as some challenges. Yielding to the gifts of others, especially my wife as we walk as one, has power far beyond the capabilities God has put in me.

One thought on “Handoff

  1. What blessings will flow as you continue to ‘learn’ this way God is leading you both as you join together in His work.

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