The Best Time is Now

Like many people, we are busy. The kids have school, we have work and life happens in the middle of all of our obligations. The challenge of living in peace in the middle of activity seems to be never-ending. Yet, Peace is exactly what we desire the most.

On top of the normal activities and business of life, Julie and I are in the middle of preparation to open a church. We believe we have heard from God, who called us into such an endeavor, and we are meeting His invitation with our “yes.” Things are moving fast and we are scheduled to have our first gathering on February 3rd in a beautiful chapel that has been graciously provided.

I had been scheduled to go away to serve on a men’s Quest event for some time prior to us knowing that this church plant was going to be happening. When things started to unfold and we knew that we had things to do between now and February 3rd, the temptation was to cancel the Quest. After all, I’m too busy and need to stay here to be responsible for making sure this church gets my full attention in its infancy, right?

My singularly most certain prayer as this has unfolded has been, “God, if You are going to breathe into this, if You are going to rest in this, if Your presence is going to be part of our church, then I am all in. If not, can I just tap out right now?” I don’t desire a platform for the sake of self-satisfaction. This can’t be about me.

So the irony of considering cancellation of my Quest trip as I walk in dependence on Him is clear. What better time to go away to slow the pace and quiet the noise to be with and hear from the Lord? If I am really depending on Him to build His church, then why would I think for a second that anything is dependant on my presence?

James 4:7 says, “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” I know Him to be Faithful. There has never been a better time to go away.

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