Fruit of the Rebellion

The United States was founded in rebellion. Certainly there are many good things that have come from this land of relative liberty, but the seed of rebellion cannot be ignored as we consider our status and destiny.

Rebellion, in and of itself, is evil. That’s not my opinion, that is eternal Truth found in 1 Samuel 15:23 (“rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.”) Before anyone analyzes their desire to accept that as True, we should consider that without a Foundation for Truth that we trust as Truth, we become a rudderless ship. That is, if we pick and choose which parts we choose to believe, then we have no foundation at all other than ourselves. It’s self-defeating.

I’m not suggesting, however, that the formation of the United States through the colonist’s split from England was bad. England was oppressive and it appears that God was breathing into the idea of a nation founded in the ideas which ours was largely based.

Don’t forget the seed, though. The revolution, even though much good has come from it, has also left a residue which is an active agent of negative mindsets within our culture. The rebellion which has allowed for a great nation also breeds arrogance and pride. That arrogance and pride is manifesting itself with disastrous consequences over 200 years later.

I was reading this morning and noticed Ecclesiastes 11:5, “Just as you do not know the path of the wind and how bones are formed in the womb of the pregnant woman, so you do not know the activity of God who makes all things.”

As a nation, we have decided that we know the business of how bones are formed in the womb. We have arrogantly decided that we can determined when life begins, thus inserting ourselves through our laws into the activity of God. We have chosen to stand as a nation and declare that we have the path of the wind figured out.

I drilled down a bit on the word “bones” from that Scripture. The root word includes the meaning “to be mighty.” As we step into God’s business and interrupt His activity in the womb, allowing for the abortion of His plans for the children He is forming, we kill the “mighty.”

When we look around at the problematic landscape we face and consider the complex possibilities of solutions, let’s not ignore our arrogant snuffing out of those who would become the mighty men and women intended to lead, inspire, serve and defend our nation. Let the church be united in this, if nothing else. Let those who call themselves “Christians” in this nation have one voice here, if nowhere else. Let humility have her place and God have His.

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