Christmas Everyday

There is an adventurer in each of us. Some part of us rises up during the against-all-odds movie which calls the hero into seemingly impossible circumstances. We want to be a part of something that matters which doesn’t come easy. It doesn’t have to be  life or death, but it does have to be bigger than us.

The problem is that there is just so much to lose. We have worked so hard to get to where we are, what if our shot at the glory story falls short? What will become of us in the wake of our passionate attempt?

The greatest benefit available to us in Jesus is the adoption that brings sonship. Sonship is absolute access to the benefits of the Father without begging or earning. The Father’s estate which is inherited by His sons (and daughters) is one which affords them ultimate protection, provision and place.

After the adventure, no matter the outcome, we will be provided for, protected and have a place. That means that we can take the shot. We can risk it all because it all never runs out. We are released to live from that place that without this assurance we will only dream about.

Too many of us leave the passion and pursuit on the shelf, however, because even though we love God we don’t really want to depend entirely on Him for our inheritance. We hedge our bet at the expense of our identity. We reject our identity, at least in part, to foolishly attempt to exceed the abundance of His promise with the scarcity of our effort.

It’s Christmas. So many of us will sing songs and celebrate the birth of Jesus. The celebration will be illegitimate to the extent that we leave the inheritance of what He came to impart unclaimed. The confident calm of knowing who we are so we can live unrestrained is part of the Christmas story, or at least it is meant to be.

Jesus was born, and ultimately died, to release us into the place in our heart that gets off the couch and follows the call and voice of God into a life of advancing the Kingdom. It’s a life based in faith which acknowledges risk as being an inherent part necessary to answer the call He has placed in us. It’s a life that welcomes Jesus 365 days a year, not just one day in December.

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