Let the Children Come

There is a core within us that holds the truth of who we are. The core is our true identity without the insecurity or compromise that we tend to put on as we “mature.” Life’s hurts, disappointments and shortcomings cause us to compensate in a way that distorts our lens to cloud how we view the core.

I was talking to my four-year old son, Haynes, recently. We were talking about the names of God . . . Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, and Haynes has lately added “Lord.” As we talked about what Haynes calls God, I asked Haynes what God calls him. As far as I can remember, I have never specifically taught him this, but his response was immediate and confident as he replied that God’s address for Haynes is “son.”

A year or so ago, Haynes announced that my wife was a princess, as was my daughter. We asked him if he was a princess and he said confidently, “no, I am a king . . . I am a king and daddy is a king.” He was three and, again, I don’t recall ever teaching him that specifically.

At three and four years old, my son has revelation of his core. His instinct, protected by a healthy environment and affirmed by my wife and I, is that he is a son and a king. I believe we all have that instinct of our created purpose and, if properly nurtured, can walk in that Truth.

The problem for most of us is that the lens gets cloudy and distorted. The faith of a child is challenged by the ways of the world and the picture of our identity gets lost in our real and perceived problems. Along the way, we all too often cash in our core identity for self-sufficiency.

We are created with purpose of relationship and dominion. We are not put here to be orphaned or defeated and a call into the Kingdom of God is not a call into a boring life of rules or religion. The invitation is into the core of who we are; it is into the royalty of our relationship and release into our destiny.

Through Jesus, you are a son and a king (not gender specific). Has anything robbed your vision of that Truth? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where you lost sight of that, agree with Him about who you are, and walk into your destiny.


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