We Win

Our recognition of the reality of evil is critical to our comprehension of the context we exist within. As we see the reports of tragedy, there are some that ask why God would let this happen. There are some that would acknowledge Him as the only force at play in the world we live in.

He is sovereign and reigns. In His sovereignty, he has released us to choose. Humanity has, in large measure, chosen gods other than God. Ironically, the turn to Him is only when the perception is that He has failed.

He hasn’t failed. He simply allows us the choice of evil if we desire as that choice is the only way relationship with Him is valid. The purpose of evil is simple and absolute. It’s intent is to destroy.

Every day we are tempted with evil. It doesn’t have to be violent or repulsive; might be envy, it might be unforgiveness, it might be pride. When we take the bait and step into one of those traps, the scheme is intended to pull us further and further towards destruction. Our own destruction as well as the destruction of others.

Evil waits to devour, prowling and looking for opportunities to tighten its grip. Our sense of what is normal becomes increasingly distorted with each step into the jaws of the devourering enemy. With diminished appreciation for Truth as evil envelops us based on our own compromise, the destructions multiplies.

We grieve with those who grieve. We appreciate what we have. We thank God, the same God that some question as somehow responsible for the evil which opposes Him, for His Love and Grace which are eternal no matter the challenges we face in the temporal.

He has already won. Evil’s day is coming. The time to align with Him and stand in Victory over the lies that surface in the wake of tragedy is now. Eternity starts today even as the battle rages.

2 thoughts on “We Win

  1. Well said Scott. I guess the question most would ask is why does God put his hand on some and they live, and the one right next to them is gone. Does it prove that God fails everyday ? That God is no stronger than evil ? And innocent people born with mental illness. Why are they not given the same chance at life. I believe we were given it all with opportunity to do right or wrong . FREE WILL. But people born into circumstance not of their own doing, leading to their own undoing. Where is their free will ? We are not all born equal. Where is God then ?

    • Deep stuff, for sure, and no way to have it all figured out. I certainly don’t claim answers to the things we can’t understand. I like this: “When I tried to understand these things, it was too hard for me; until I entered the sanctuary of God and discerned the end of the wicked.” (Psalm 73:17)

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