Gift in Disguise

The recent election was viewed as a call to arms for many conservative voters. The conservative cause is so often tied to faith-based beliefs that opposition has resulted in ideas of persecution and diminished hope. Following the loss, the hopeless reactions have extended as far as secession petitions to prepping for the Apocalypse.

Maybe this is a time to examine how well those beliefs line up with the notion of governmental rule in the first place. We’ve grown used to the idea of Christian leadership directing government being valid since at least the 1980’s. Some would say that the founders themselves were of like mind and intended all along that Christianity dictate the law of the land.

When the governance of laws and election of lawmakers validates a belief system, then the limitations of the beliefs are in the laws that reflect the ideas. If those laws stray from the Truth, however, then the soul of the nation must be in jeopardy since it is obviously depraved in its democratic choices.

The problem is that the foundational idea of the belief system doesn’t depend on those things at all. Jesus ushered in the belief system in announcing the Kingdom of God. He came to disarm the idea that the law could justify anything. His Kingdom is not dependent on governing control of the systems, but relational connection of the hearts of people.

Losing an election doesn’t damage the Kingdom of God; it doesn’t even put a dent in it. In fact, the loss of the distraction within the illusion that our president is critical to our future may be a gift in disguise.

The result could be a focus appropriately fixed on exercise of beliefs within the community immediately surrounding us. The opportunity to serve that community will put the Foundation on display and invite others in. The invitation could be extended through selflessness and love instead of excluding them through recognition of the ways they broke our rules.

I hate the idea of a system of laws that allows for us to legally end the life of unwanted babies. If there was one thing I grieved following the recent election, it was that. The truth is that the opportunity to serve and love the disenfranchised mothers in desperate circumstances can lead to not only the salvation of that baby, but of that mother, as well. No law or lawmaker can change that Hope or the power of Truth through Grace.

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