This Isn’t a Duel

Remember the song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” by R.E.M. from the early 90’s? According to many posts on Facebook and murmurs in the suburbs, that song was prophetically written with manifestation of the idea coming last Tuesday. It’s over, many would say. We’re done.

Perhaps the rumors of certain death and defeat have been greatly exaggerated? Perhaps Truth and Love can and will sustain the perceived and actual opposition. If we simply flip to the end of the Book held as True, He still wins. If that is True, perhaps the fatalistic, pessimistic, accusatory, defensive fits of blame and venom should yield to Hope. There is one King and He is firmly upon His throne.

The problem comes when we start confusing Him with Uncle Sam or Ronald Reagan. The Kingdom is assured victory; everything else is up for grabs. A place in the Kingdom is not contingent on a government that reflects the heart of the King. In fact, that is reverse engineering.

If conviction is based in personal transformation dependant on Grace, then the resulting evidence in lives lived out will be attractive to the surrounding people and communities. Hearts transformed by Grace will connect through selflessness far beyond their own tribe of beliefs. Hearts dependent on ideas which require laws for validation are selfish at their core and will not connect outside of their comfort zone.

Declarations of righteousness are falling on deaf ears as they are all too often self-righteous and confused. Confused as to their Source with a skillful blending of the Constitution and the Bible. Confused as to their testament with a sloppy application of law as a template over Grace. Law on top of Grace is law and law has already been proven as insufficient as an eternal basis for belief.

The law and democracy are temporary. Grace, Life and the Kingdom are eternal. Why get excited about disappointments in the temporal when the Promise of the eternal is so superior? Even if there is an assault on ideas and beliefs, the battle is not won with the same weapons as the attacker. This isn’t a duel.

Take a deep breath; it’s going to be OK. That doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, but easy was never a part of the promise. How is Grace evident in the heart of your ideas and how is that being communicated to the people around you, particularly those that might disagree with you? If the hearts of the opposition are forgotten for even one second, then the Source of justification is no longer Righteousness.



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