Seasons of Preparation

“I’m ready to go home; I feel better now” the man explained. He had been in substance abuse treatment for 18 days and was feeling clear-headed for the first time in years. Now he wanted to be reconciled with his wife who had been the subject of his abuse for years. She wasn’t buying it, though, and he wasn’t welcomed home yet.

“I feel stronger now” he explained. “I recognize that I was wrong and that I love my wife and I just want to go home to be with her” was his continuing claim.

I listened for as long as I could, but it was time to get real. We had built some relationship and I wasn’t there to tap dance around the Truth. I asked permission to speak directly and based on our foundation of trust he agreed “absolutely.”

“You’re screwed up” I asserted directly but without emotion. “You aren’t ready until your heart is healed. This isn’t about how you act in 18 days, not even about how you feel, but it is about how screwed up your heart was to get you in this situation in the first place. Don’t go home until you find out what is wrong with your heart and get it Healed.”

All too often, we despise the protection of our seasons of preparation. We want to run into our purpose once we get a hint of progress. The holding pattern of maturity doesn’t appeal to the immature. When we run into the fight without our full armor, we are exposed in areas that can kill our destiny.

It’s all about the heart. Protecting and nurturing the heart. We usually take years disconnecting from the heart and then hit an intersection where there is an opportunity to get it right. We find Truth and know the Healer and He begins His work in us but we want to run back out into the fray prior to our time.

When it is our time, there will be affirmation of that time through others that see into us better than we often can. As importantly, the Creator of our hearts and Decider of our time will orchestrate circumstances releasing us at the right time through the words and agreement of those around us. He’ll let us know and then we’ll know that we know.

When our promotion outpaces our character, there is a recipe for disaster. We cannot handle what we have not been seasoned for. It’s good to wait and walk through the humility of the seasoning of our character. In fact, it is by Design. Just enjoy the benefit of the season.

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