Getting Over the Mountain

A couple of weeks ago, I went away to the mountains with my wife. We went with specific focus and intent; to meet God and allow Him to shine His light on our marriage. We were purposefully seeking Him in the middle of us and we were both a little nervous about it. While we felt like things were in pretty good order, what if His revelation proved otherwise?

On the eve of the Quest, we admitted to one another that we each had fear. Julie asked me, “what do you think we are afraid of?” I had already considered that and answered quickly, “the Lord . . . it’s a fear of the Lord.”

We know Him. We love Him. So why would we be afraid of Him? Maybe it’s because we know Him.

We knew from the Word as well as experience that when we draw close to Him, He is faithful to draw near to us. We also knew that when He draws near, His presence provokes change and He won’t be the one changing.

Still, why does that matter? We trust Him and know that He is for our good, not our harm, so any changes in us from our experience with Him are leaving us in a better place.

We, as people, are inherently afraid of change even when it is good change. When Jesus cleaned up the man who had been out of his mind and cutting himself, the people who saw his transformation, became frightened, and sent Jesus away. That makes no sense; they were clearly not perfect and could use some help from Jesus.  The man He had just transformed was quite obviously worse off than them so they should have hope for themselves. Yet, they sent Jesus away.

We get so comfortable in our crap that the thought of change, even positive change, is frightening. That’s why the first step into salvation and various steps into transformation along our walk require courage above all else. It takes courage to step from bad to better even when we know better is better.

For Julie and I, the trip was incredible. We experienced God together, we were changed by His presence and received incredible impartation of His plans and equipping for our marriage. He was faithful not only in His transformative touch, but in the love and gentleness with which He operated.

We are better today from the meeting in the mountains just as we knew we would be. To know something doesn’t cure the emotional rising up of fear. To step beyond that fear to reach the Promise is faith.

Are there any mountains have you been avoiding? It’s better on the other side . . .

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