The Way

There is a huge difference between when we make a way for ourselves and when we walk in the Way that is made for us. The Way which indicates destiny and calling can be marked with entirely different characteristics than the path we would attempt to forge on our own. Purpose and destiny were planted in each of us, but fears, insecurity or pride can overtake our decision making to hijack our dreams.

A few characteristics of making our own way:

  • Opportunities come as a result of convincing others that we are worthy
  • The reward we stand to achieve is often limited to what others deem we are worth
  • Our credentials must be worn as a label of qualification; the essence of our character is secondary
  • Our resume limits the opportunities we have and focuses us in on what we are comfortable with
  • To protect what we have and to feed our desire of promotion, we strive at the sacrifice of relationships and contentment
  • Rules and guidelines lead us into the place that will gain us approval
  • Happiness depends on success and recognition

Characteristics of inheriting the abundance that is available without the striving:

  • Invitations to join, lead and own are extended without convincing or maneuvering
  • Our needs are always met and the depth of Life is released as part of our reward
  • Leaders of depth and character want to invest in us, calling out the Truth they see in us even before it is fully developed
  • There are no limitations on the call of our heart and the imagination of our dreams as we walk towards our destiny
  • We rest in a place of provision and protection, assured that there is plenty and enjoying the journey
  • Rules are an afterthought as our heart’s call leads our actions
  • Joy is internal and independent of circumstances or difficulties

We probably straddle the two at various times. We can have short-term success making our own way and short-term failure while submitting to the Way. Submission allows for the setbacks to build us up while independence invites the flaws brought out by successes to consume us.

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