Stopping to Value for Multiplication

It’s important to stop. We are busy and get going with things that matter as well as things that don’t matter so much.  All too often, we wear being busy as some kind of validation. Some kind of badge of honor. You can almost predict when asking someone “how are things going,” that the response will be “busy.” It’s important to stop.

This weekend we stopped to honor the 50th wedding anniversary of my parents, Tom and Pat Prickett. They were honored at a gathering among their friends that they go to church with and live life with. Family flew in and we intentionally stopped to mark the occasion which celebrates their consistency and perseverance. They have lived out their vows and their reward is our reward. The reward of satisfaction and blessings that flows from love which is invested in each other, perfected in unity and offered out to others. They started their offering in my sister and I, who purpose ourselves to pass that through to our respective children and families. The multiplication has begun.

If we don’t stop to value the things that are valuable and treat them, by default, as neutral or normal then over time the value is diminished. So stopping to say, “thank you and congratulations” for 50 years of investing in each other and in the lives of family and friends together as one is time well spent.

I’m appreciative as an heir to the legacy of my parents. They have established a solid foundation of love and sacrifice of which I am a beneficiary. I have the choice and opportunity before me to embrace that legacy and pass it on intentionally. I choose to walk in the ways of my father, who walks with my Father, and allow Him to be multiplied through him, me and my family for a thousand generations.

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