Hearts Can Tell

There is talk of honor that has been popular lately. There are books being written regarding honor and cultures created with honor being the predominant characteristic. The idea of honor is worthy of attention and stands as True.

Honor isn’t a core idea, however. It isn’t the lowest common denominator when considering the building blocks towards an environment where honor is honored. The practice of honor comes from a deeper idea which isn’t nearly as popular.

Submission leads to honor. In fact, you can’t have honor without at least some degree of submission. Submission, through our cultural lens, is an uncomfortable idea for most of us.

Even in our marketplace, we likely only want to submit when there is a perceived advantage. We’ll submit to a boss if we think we can get a raise. We’ll submit to a customer if we think we can get a sale.

Not too many years ago, I would have valued submission right up there with teeth cleaning. Necessary, maybe, but desirable or good? No, thanks.

I might have even looked submitted but my heart was all about one thing and that was what might benefit me. There was no trust that submission to the direction, needs or benefit of another held any value as a character trait. I did not value submission, so I did not value honor.

Whoa, wait a minute. Nobody wants to admit that they don’t value honor. It’s such a regal term and appropriate for appropriate people to agree with. Yet, without submission there can be no honor. I wasn’t submitted at a heart level to much of anyone so I wasn’t able to honor or be honored.

Catch that? Without submission, not only can’t we honor, we can’t be honored. We can be obeyed or even respected to some degree but honor comes with a commitment of the heart and that kind of commitment won’t be called out without a heart of like kind and quality. Deep calls to deep. Hearts can tell.

Pride will keep us from submission, in fact, pride will keep us from many things. To intentionally humble ourselves and submit is an exercise in humility. To exercise our humility will strengthen our humility. The inter-connectedness of humility, submission and honor are absolute. Intentionally investing in humility and submission bring us honor through our offering of honor.

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