Toe to Toe is a Bad Idea

It sneaks its way back in and emerges from the inside-out. No matter how firmly mental determination is set against the ugliness of the heart, the heart condition can’t be hidden indefinitely.

Pride at it’s most visible manifestation is a puffing up. It’s a self-promotion to project rights and position that are superior to the circumstances that are immediately evident. That puffing up is relatively easy to spot as it looks like bragging or self-serving stories that are meant, at their core, to tell others that they should take note of the prideful.

The more subtle evidence of pride, often the Christian pride, is far less overt. Because there is an expectation of favor and comfort based in belief. The belief is that we have earned it because we know God, and believe Him, and do the things He says.

The pride that rises up to establishes our “rights” in the visual circumstances around us fails to properly give way to the suffering that holds value in the invisible. That position of self-promotion comes against the stated intentions of a loving Father to allow His kids the opportunity to mature through difficulties. The maturing of sons and daughters is the Father’s business.

My family is in the middle of transition. I knew we were called into such a change and also knew that obedience to the call would bring challenge which would be difficult. Just the same, in the middle of the difficulty, my old nemesis of pride re-emerged to fight for circumstances fitting my erroneously claimed elevated status.

As far as I know, there is a single sin that God explicitly dedicates Himself to come against. It’s pride. Not the headline-grabbing sins that believers often take their stand against, but the darkness of a prideful heart. He opposes that.¬†He opposes that because that comes against His desire to mature us in relationship with Him and He wants us to mature in that relationship more than anything.

We’re going to yield, sooner or later and somehow. I choose now, on bended knee with a repentant heart.

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