Sweet Redemption

Redemption is conversion. It is taking one thing and making it another. We redeem products and services for money all the time. One replaces the other and the two are related in that one comes from the other.

I’m realizing the fullness of Redemption. When we exchange our life for His, then our sorry attempts are redeemed for His promise and Glory. He takes the things offer which we held as valuable and exchanges them with an abundant multiplier applied.

When I was in college, I joined a fraternity. Once a year, alumni and undergraduates would gather for a Pig Roast. At one point during the Pig Roast, we would separate ourselves and form a circle. Because of the way that God wired me, I was equipped for leading that circle of drunk roasters. I would share some words that were meant to instill community and vision for the group, albeit rooted in carnal, temporary ideas of what community and vision actually were. I would stand in the circle and talk at the invitation of men.

Now, years later, the application of those gifts has been exchanged for eternal purpose. Because of what God put in me which I can only fully receive in humility, I have been invited to stand in a circle of men and talk of Community and Vision. The platform in the visible looks similar but the invisible behind the visible is telling of what the purpose and design was all along.

The words now, which are not my own, carry the weight of Truth, the longevity of Eternity and the promise of the Word not returning void.  I am Redeemed and the Redeemer is Faithful in all things.

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