Desperate for Freedom


There is a place outside of the walls of our comfort that invites us into Glory. The question is whether or not we are willing to step outside of our comfort towards a fullness that we all desire when we know that the price is substantial. When we answer the invitation into Life, it is through death. Death of ourselves and our selfish desires, appetites, fears and insecurity.

When Jesus arrived at a certain town, a man full of torment and trouble ran to Jesus. The man was living naked and out of his mind, cutting himself with rocks. The physical pain of cutting was a relief compared to the emotional torment of his hurt. The man knew, beyond any doubt, that his circumstances were dire and he needed Help. He was at the end of himself and out of options, completely dependant on the Healer. He was completely desperate.

When Jesus delivered the man from the hell that was within him, the evidence of the transformation was obvious. The whole town saw that the man who had been a cutter who was out of his mind and unable to function among others was now healthy and restored.

The same One that brought that healing to the man remained close and available for those that saw the proof of His healing. They saw the transformed man, they saw the One, they saw the evidence of the Power, but they were afraid. In their fear, they sent the Healer away. They weren’t perfect and probably weren’t even OK, but they were willing to stay in their same compromised place. They weren’t desperate.

Even when we know that there is Freedom, Healing and Power available, we are afraid of giving up the crap that we have grown comfortable with. We are often likely to reject Transformation in order to remain in the comfort of the familiar. All too often, we wait until consequences posture us as desperate for change before we step outside of our comfort zone into Freedom which releases us into our destiny.

How desperate are you?

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