Greater is He

You never know when what seems like the little things create a big impact with someone else. It’s good to know and to remember to ensure that pride takes a back seat to the reality that we really aren’t as good as most of us think we are. Good is far beyond us, we only hope to partner with Good in what Good is already doing.

A while back, a lady came into my office needing some help for her elementary age son. He had gotten into some significant trouble in school and was facing expulsion. The mom believed in her son, even though most others wouldn’t be so quick to agree given the facts. I was up front with her and told her that I wasn’t so sure that there was anything I could do for her or her son.  Schools have incredible latitude in their “due process” and decisions regarding punishment, especially for certain offenses such as what we were dealing with. Even after my disclosure, she wanted to hire me as their advocate.

As she was getting ready to leave my office from that initial consultation, she said that she would just be praying about this and trust God with the outcome. I asked her, “is that true, or are you just saying that?” She assured me it was true with a look of worry on her face. I asked her if she would like me to pray with her right then and there and she responded with an excited, “yes, I do!”  I prayed a short prayer with her, nothing too formal or fancy, just a word of inviting God to bring favor and hope into this family and the circumstances.

We went through the process and it was a generally favorable outcome, although not without any consequences. The mother of the boy called my office following the hearing and was very complimentary of the work we had done for her. She then went on to say, “don’t take this the wrong way, you are a good lawyer and all, but the real difference in this situation was when you prayed for me in your office. That was the first time in this whole thing that I actually believed everything might be OK. I can’t tell you how much that helped me.”

To be honest, I had forgotten about it. I remembered many facts and details of the case, but didn’t necessarily think about the fact that I had prayed with her at our first meeting. It was humbling to know that for all the effort and lawyering that I could generate in my ability and strength, a simple invitation in prayer to the Advocate was what brought hope, courage and favor. Greater is He that is in me.

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