Butch and Sundance

It’s a new season for my family and I as we answer a call to step into change and risk with Faith. We are thankful for where we have been the past few years and excited about where we are going. Seasons bring different revelations of Eternity and Relationship, digging and mining within our souls to uncover gems of our new creation that need to take center stage.

Decisions to change course don’t come easily unless there is certainty that the change comes with a fresh breath of Life propelling us towards our destiny. Even when there is certainty that we are answering a call, the fears pop up and have to be defeated by maintaining focus on the Word that changed everything to begin with.

When evaluating legitimacy and timing of the Word that provided the call, there is more than a Butch and Sundance jump off of a cliff, although the process may culminate with that type of commitment. When evaluating this most recent transition, a good friend and mentor pointed out a couple of gates to consider when determining our actions based on what we believed. The considerations we walked through were:

  1. Is there unity? In our case, since we are married, were my wife and I on the same page? We were brought together for common purposes and made one through marriage. If one were to break away on their own and leave the other one behind, it would create confusion, hurt and loneliness. When we knew that we were of one accord, our plan of action was affirmed.
  2. Does this next thing flow with the dots that have already been connected in our lives? Is there a flow that indicates something is being built and steps are not wasted?  When it was apparent that this move was building within us not only recently but going back through strands of our story for some time, the affirmation was once again clear.

Julie and I knew that we had heard and knew that the Word was clear. We sought some counsel as an independent check to affirm that we weren’t off on some emotional justification for a self-propelled idea. That doesn’t mean we asked person after person for their approval, but a few trusted and wise friends who we believed would be Truthful in their assessment. Then, when we determined that we were on the same page, that the dots connected and that trusted counsel affirmed what we were hearing, we jumped off the cliff . . . what an adventure.

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