I tremble when I forget. When I forget who I am beyond the titles of my position, I struggle in my security and compensate from insecurity. Compensation usually looks like anxiety or pride. In those times, I need to be reminded.

I need to be reminded, Deep calling to deep, that I am not an orphan. I need to hear the Testimony of my sonship in a new and fresh way so that I know that I am who He says I am. I need to be re-awakened by the Voice of my adoption so that I stop trying to fight and claw my way back into acceptance.

Those reminders come through intimacy with their Source. They are a product of seeking and finding. The Promise is that when I draw near, I will not be rejected. The first step home is always mine, because Home never moved but I did.

So when fear, insecurity or pride manifest in me, it’s time to get up early or get away in order to intentionally be reminded of the identity which I should be walking in. To a quiet place of listening for the reminder of who I am and what I do. A reminder of my relation to Royalty as context for the life I have been given.

A Royal role in the epic calling where my place is not dependant on me, but entirely about a King. The King who rescues and releases. A rescue from defeat and a release into Destiny. The King equips sons to fight with certainty and selflessness towards their destiny . . . sons only have to remember.

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