The Benefit of Calling

Most of us have a job to do. We have positions that bring inherent responsibilities, privileges or expectations based on the title that we apply to our name. We often base our identity in that very title, which is fragile and limited. While we serve as lawyers, judges, police officers or whatever, those roles are not who we are.

We have the potential for greater influence and impact than the limits of our titles allow. There is an opportunity for each of us to operate from calling and relationship which can multiply our effectiveness as well as our satisfaction. Invitations into promotion based on the title, salary or benefits are inferior to invitations we accept based on calling and purpose.

When called into purpose based in our desire, the fullness of our potential is released. We don’t expect certain rewards to justify our decisions, but find reward in the living out of the decisions. The release of our desires into action is a manifestation of Life within us as we walk in the identity of our heart and not just our office. Lawyers get overruled, judges appealed and police officers have the limits of the law as boundaries for their authority. Every profession is defined with boundaries.

Every vocation (calling) is limitless in the potential of the Eternal purpose that was the foundation of the calling in the first place. Ideally, our vocation is within our profession but too many of us settle for putting our calling in a box to pay for our house and cars. When we live from that Eternal well of potential, there are no disappointments in the rewards of our positions because our positions are just evidence of a Greater reward in the first place.

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