The Battle

Fear is the battleground of faith. The call to believe invites us into the unknown which is based in the invisible. The depth of the call is so eternal that it can’t go without every one of us considering our response at least once in our lives. The biggest hurdle between us and Him is the fear of what that looks like if we really step in.

When considering the invitation, we wrestle with the whispers of what others will think, what He might or might not do and whether we will be bored. Our lens from the other side is based in our temporal and selfish habits which leave us with a shallow perspective of what the new life of faith would look like.

Based in that shallow view, we hold on tightly to the protection and provision we build for ourselves as we hesitate to step into the place that was saved for us. Even after a commitment to the idea that Truth is Truth and acceptance that we need more than we already have, we hold on. We hold on with fear of letting go because we can’t say for sure what’s on the other side. We attempt to hedge our bet.

The tension at the edge is more burdensome than the either the freedom of depravity or the Freedom of surrender. Fear seeks to keep us from stepping into destiny because defeat of fear comes with the final step of belief. That final step only comes with acceptance that Love is what Love says it is. An absolute surrender to Love defeats fear.

The battle rages on between the seen and the unseen, the temporal and the eternal, fear and faith. We have a choice each day to choose. When we choose what we have always chosen, we get what we have always had. While there is some comfort in that, the Life that we seek is beyond what we used to know.

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