If My People . . .

So if Hope resides on the outside of our judgement among those that we seek to condemn, the paradigm should have shifted upon instant recognition of even the possibility. I mean, the reality of Hope residing among the hopeless is not exactly a new millennium idea but for whatever reason we forget.

Not only do we forget the Truth of what we claim, we forget the truth of how far from good we are. We prioritize and categorize transgressions to insulate our just-as-guilty but less visible choices. As long as the issues that others display are judged to be comparatively more depraved, the condition of our heart can go untreated.

But the condition of our heart is what the issue is. Follow this closely as it won’t be caught if it is glossed over:

  • Feeding the depraved heart with prideful judgement and hateful condemnation multiplies the sickness of the accuser
  • As the depravity grows, self-righteousness crowds out legitimate Righteousness
  • The exclusion of Righteousness estranges the One that was the basis for the original position against a particular wrong

Righteousness doesn’t come through living a particular lifestyle. It doesn’t come from laws against the lifestyle of others. Righteousness comes through focusing on our own depravity, recognizing the condition it leaves us with and laying our selfish, prideful carcass in a pool of Blood. It’s dying to us, not trying to kill others.

If we would humble ourselves, cry out to Righteousness, cease our own wickedness and change our own ways then we know that our nation would be healed. He says so.

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