Putting the Rocks Down

It’s our fault. It’s our fault that the values we want everyone to adopt are rejected as hateful or condemning. We are the ones that search for Truth to use as a weapon against those that dare to disagree. We stand with hammer in hand declaring eternal consequences while missing the immediate opportunity to connect through humility.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve created enough requirements around Hope that Hope seems lost for many. We impose judgment from behind the stained glass and wonder why nobody wants to come in without temptation of entertainment or food. When this is the case, we have to really question which side of the stained glass the One we call Hope is standing.

The reality is that the Light of the world is not dependant on our behavior but instead flows simply to where darkness gives way. Darkness gives way when it is exposed in relationship. When people connect enough that there is trust enough to call darkness what it is, Light moves in to transform. Trust like that is built when relationship assures that nobody is holding a rock to throw when learning of the other’s darkness.

Hope will come in and sit with us, dine with us and live with us. The fullness of the presence of Hope is the fullness of Healing and Salvation. That communion is dependant only on a desire for relationship, not for scrub brush of behavioral change. Change comes from the experience.

Let’s put down our rocks. Our junk has given way to transformation only because Hope is also Faithful that we might be transformed. Nobody has to get right before they come in and no laws or intellectual victory of moral debate will invite others to know Hope.

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