Staying Home

It’s a slow fade from the promise of youth to the chaos and destruction when poor choices and tragic circumstances compound one upon the other. Nobody starts out destined for the lives that are on display in courthouses and on hold in prisons. The choices of compromise begin a process of escalating consequences.

The same plays out in the broken families, lost trust and wasted opportunities evident in more acceptable social and economic settings. The husband decides to stay out a little longer once, then twice and again until priorities eventually shift. The figurative widow of a selfish man pays a price and the promise of their generations are compromised.

Mistakes happen, bad choice occur. The road doesn’t have to be traveled just because there are steps in the wrong direction. The decision to change our direction is always open, always calling. The ears to hear and courage to change become more difficult to clearly and decisively distinguish and react to with mounting lifestyle changes, but the opportunity remains.

It’s a choice today of not watching the channel that is poison or disrespecting your wife by flirting with the waitress or a co-worker. It’s the choice to protect your eyes and ears from the influence that isn’t necessarily evil, but leads there. It’s the little things that open doors to the big things. The little choices today not to give a foothold to the unhealthy thoughts prevent the need tomorrow of having to pick up the pieces of thoughts turned to actions.

There is Grace abundant and we are welcomed Home but the best alternative is to avoid eating with the hogs and squandering our inheritance to begin with. The first step for the prodigal was not the one he took to get home, it was the one that he took to leave in the first place.

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