Cart Before the Horse

A discussion took place recently questioning the ability to hope due to perceived restraints placed on hope by the government. The possibility of reaching the ideal of what we should look like as a community was questioned because, from one perspective, the government didn’t allow for it.

In a free society, the government is an extension of us, not visa versa. The heartbeat of a free nation is the people of that nation. Our attitudes and ideas elect and motivate the government to accommodate our desires in order for those in government to get re-elected.

Maybe the government has failed us, but maybe we have failed ourselves. Maybe because we, as a people, lack Foundation for the Freedom we champion then our leadership reflects little to no consideration for Truth.

Public opinion polls on how we treat the unborn would be exhibit #1 in this argument. Beyond the position by position evidence, there is a deeper testimony of the erosion of our soul as a people. Even among those with professed faith, there is aribtrary inconsistency as a re-shaped, watered down replacement for Truth. The comfortable, self-centered positions of “believers” are just as aimless and confused as those that oppose belief in its entirety.

This societal idea begins individually. When we allow our hearts to be tossed about like ships on the sea, then the ideas we craft through various influences results in personal ideologies which are anything but Eternal. This lack of Foundation results in millions of micro-belief systems created to accommodate individual desires of the so-called believers.

Individually, our lives will be driven towards the destiny we were created for when we are Free from the ideas of self-importance and submit to Greater purposes with a faith that supersedes our comfort. As a nation of individuals, this kind of belief will result in corporate values that are initially on display in our families, homes, neighborhoods and among the poor and disenfranchised.

Leadership will accommodate the community we initiate because they seek to continue to lead. True leadership serves those they seek to lead. The idea that we wait on them to legislate or mandate the fiber of our communities is putting the cart ahead of the horse and shifting blame from the uncomfortable reality of self to the distant target of others.

One thought on “Cart Before the Horse

  1. Excellent analysis Scott. Some people who complain don’t even voice their opinion at the ballot box. Those of us who believe Christ(ian) values and principles have an obligation to make an effort to place people in a leadership role who are like minded. If we don’t make that effort, we should not expect the community to look like we want it to. The cart will decide where the horse goes.

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