Competition, Comparison and Compromise

Competition is seen as a positive thing and I suppose in many instances it can be healthy. The lifestyle of competition we typically engage in as part of our society is not healthy at all, as it gives way to comparison. The comparison is a catalyst to compromise from the core of our intended identity.

The path to selfishness and apathy is made up of compromise. It’s not that we don’t belive in the Higher calling, it’s that we condition our belief with choices to protect our comfort and fulfill our expectations we have set by our comparisons. We actually believe the lie that we deserve better because the neighbor has more.

There is nothing wrong with stuff; it’s our hearts towards the stuff that gets infected. The hardening of the heart towards value we place on things that have no value is often a slow process. During that process, we give away our soul piece by piece and end up with the very things we set out for but at what cost?

Our hearts can be transformed from this desperate scramble towards self-provision. A heart that is transformed by radical Love and Eternal sacrifice will naturally operate with patient, kind and selfless giving away of not only the stuff but the same love and sacrifice that was received. The receiving is manifest by evidence of giving in like kind and quality. The fruit will reflect the tree.

Too many times we fool ourselves by believing that by comparison to others we are God’s favorites. We believe that because we live here, look like this and are apparently better than those others. The truth is that most of us are a shell of the image of Who we would look like if we were to quit compromising and truly give ourselves over to what we say that we believe in the first place.

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