Sons of Thunder

So a group of atheists are gathered together in Washington D.C. to rally regarding the passion they feel for not believing? Passion against that which so many people are passionate about should not be surprising. Reaction should not be focused on other people’s activity but limited to examining the condition of the fire within.

Among the first believers were two brothers, James and John, who were nicknamed the “Sons of Thunder.” They were zealous, apparently type-A personalities. They, along with another fired up type named Peter, were called out from the larger group of the first followers to get some special attention. They were invited into moments and discussions that only the three of them got to participate in.

What is curious about their selection is that they were apparently very flawed. Between the three of them, they postured for promotion causing dissension, fell asleep on the job when given special assignments, over-reacted with violence and struggled with loyalty by denying affiliation.

Their flaws and weaknesses indicate that their belief, as passionate as it could be at times, was under construction. There was a tension between their spiritual hunger versus their doubts and weakness. Only by Revelation did they receive a measure of faith and only by exercising in that revelation were they able to overcome the reservations of their soul.

Despite their short-comings, they were the guys initially selected from all of creation. It wasn’t based on their education, credentials or their discipline, it was based on their hearts. They were men that were open to living a life of adventure which was exactly what was needed for the establishment of this new Way which the world had been waiting on. Their inclination was towards faith with fire, despite the reservations of their minds and worries of their souls.

The convincing of Truth is not done through debate or intellectual mastery.  Releasing the passion of the heart into a life of Purpose with love depends on receiving revelation of the Spirit. The presence of passion is a necessary ingredient for stepping into that Purpose.

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