Who Gets the Last Word?

A friend of mine is facing some relatively serious health concerns which require ongoing medical attention. He is no more terminal than anyone else, but has to pay attention to the medical signals to manage his health.

Sooner or later, no matter how well anyone of us eats or exercises, our time on earth will end. If operating from a belief system limited by the visible and tangible, then that creates a scarcity. There is a demand that exceeds the supply assuming that nobody wants to die.

If, however, there is a recognition that Grace defeated the limitations of time even before time was established then there is no marker of time at the point of physical death. Without the markers of time, there can be no scarcity as there is no measure to limit eternity.

With no scarcity, there is abundance. The two contrast each other in both economic as well as psychological terms. They manifest in our attitudes towards how we own and operate in the resources that we have. If we believe we are running out of time, then we are likely to protect it selfishly. Hoarding is symptomatic of orphanage.

If we realize the eternity of time and give away our time freely, then our focus shifts from hoarding to giving. Our attitude is one of plenty with no worries or doubts that our provision will be limited. Selfless focus and giving are symptomatic of affirmed sons and daughters.

Adoption as legitimate sons and daughters into the House of abundance is available by the same Grace that defeated the sting of death before time ever started. The benefits of eliminating the boundaries of the natural result in attitudes of giving and hope. That kind of living ensures fullness of life now and forever.

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