Faith Brings Peace

A consistent hurdle that has to be dealt with when talking with clients is the hypothetical questions of what might or might not happen. While some of the questions regarding what the possibilities are need to be addressed, there is a point where guessing every future possibility becomes futile.

While I observe this most regularly in the criminal justice system, it is prevalent in the lives of people not in any legal trouble as well. When faced with family, financial or other problems there is a common tendency to start imagining the worst possible outcome and attaching “yeah, but what if . . . ” to every potential solution.

The imagination of “what if” taken to extreme invites unnecessary multiplication of stress and anxiety. When faced with trouble, the options of solutions are ultimately boiled down to one step at a time. The imagination of things that have not happened and may not even be likely to happen builds worry on top of problems leading to confusion and frustration.

To borrow trouble from tomorrow is a choice of worry over faith. Of course, if there is no basis for faith in the first place then worry has been given priority on a broader scale. Faith is the single greatest weapon against worry and anxiety. Faith brings Peace.

Faith does not relieve us from consequences but instead it provides us context for the situations we face by clarifying where we fit and who we are. In faith, our identity becomes clear as the relationship we have to the circumstances around us takes on greater clarity and purpose.

When our identity is defined, then we are less likely to imagine catastrophe when operating from a confidence in our destiny. By faith, we rely on who we were created to be more than what might be happening to us or around us. That confidence of who and why we are results in finding Comfort in the present without borrowing trouble from the future.

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