Not Just Hearers

A consistent theme in criminal and traffic courts is the failure of people to meet specific requirements of the law. Often times, they are people who are not particularly “criminal” in their regular conduct but have failed in the current instance to fulfill a particular duty or responsibility.

An example of this is when there is a deferred finding. A deferred finding is the postponement of a decision by the court for a year to give the defendant an opportunity to be of good behavior. During that period, they may be required to do some community service or complete a drug or alcohol awareness program. They are to return after a year with proof they completed the service and/or program as well as copies of their police and driving records to show they have not been in any more trouble.

It’s amazing how many times people return without the required proof. If they do what they were required and bring what they have to bring, then their charges will be dismissed. They show up, instead, with reasons why they couldn’t get it done in the past year.

As you can probably imagine, there is not much sympathy for them after getting a break and then failing to meet the requirements of that second chance. The excuses typically get them convicted of the offense which could have been dismissed.

We are held to a higher standard than to simply hear or even understand the call into right standing. To make things right, we step into it. We are called to be doers, not just hearers.

There is an abundant grace available to each of us conditioned only on our willingness to meet Grace with surrender. They aren’t fair terms as fairness would leave us woefully short of redemption. The terms are generous for our benefit if we are willing to surrender our reasons why we hear without doing.

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