Audience of One

What if I write and nobody reads? Should I never risk the rejection and choose not to express the ideas?

What if we work and nobody appreciates it? Should we still work or would we be better off waiting and wasting?

What if we give and nobody thanks us? Should we store up for ourselves, never interacting with the needy because they didn’t make us feel good about our giving?

Then again, what if the expression, effort or generosity wasn’t intended for the potential audience, reward or recognition in the first place?

What if the purpose of our efforts exceeded the boundaries of our vision to serve the One that inspires, equips and enables us? What if the things we do were always intended to be done as a reflection of the relationship with the One that invites us into the things to begin with?

When we get the One relationship right, we are released from the expectations and disappointments of the others. When those barriers are removed, we are free to risk and fail without condemnation or hopelessness.  We are free to step into the destiny we were designed for and the corresponding satisfaction and fulfillment.

To serve an audience of One is to serve an audience of approval, hope and encouragement. It is service by an offering of talents which will be received and multiplied to expand the limits of our resources. It is an eternal investment independent of temporal disappointments.

So if nobody reads this, the pleasure is mine to reflect the One that inspired me to write it in the first place.

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