From the Ashes

So many people are scratching and digging every day just to keep their head above water. Their actions and reactions are based on the illusion of controlling the uncontrollable.

There is an invitation to each of us to surrender and step off of the treadmill. The invitation is to step away long enough to realize our legitimate dreams. It’s not only to realize the dreams are part of us, but to afford them credibility. With credibility comes belief and with belief comes action which can produce realization.

We are given dreams and passions which are as much a unique part of us as our fingerprints. The things that make us tick were planted in us as part of our design by our Designer. There has always been a destiny which we were meant to run after with the excitement of a child while growing in maturity through the lessons that come with a journey.

All too often, we sacrifice the fulfillment of purpose when we choose a compromised path of fear and doubt. The by-product of that fear is a false sense of control that lacks the life which was originally intended.  We justify that sacrifice with accumulation of stuff which makes comfort an idol placed at the top of our priorities.

The dreams and passions which were given to us can come to life by allowing them to breathe. A rush of Wind revitalizes on invitation and courage is imparted to take steps of faith. Then comfort itself, a false god to begin with, becomes the sacrifice. From the ashes of that sacrifice rises the accomplishment of our dreams and evidence of our Creator.

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