Glory to Glory

New Year’s marks the turning of the page, a fresh start.  It is taking an intentional  reflection on the past and a look forward to the promise held in the future. It is stepping into the new.

How many times do we look back at things of the past which were good and want to hang on? Even when we walk in the promise of the present and the hope of the future, we are consistently tempted to rest in the familiar experiences of the previous. 

There is a promise for each of us that tells of plans which were made for us, plans for hope and for our future.  The plans are to benefit us and not to harm us but how often do we fear the unknown and value the familiar at the cost of the new?

In order to move into the new Glory, we have to leave the former Glory.  From Glory to Glory indicates change from one to the other.  There is an exercise of faith to seek and trust the Promisor and step into the new revelation of our calling.

When we hang onto the joy of yesterday, the glory of that experience fades.  When the fullness of Joy dwells in us, the magnificence of Glory shines through us and never fades. That everlasting Glory comes out through our walking with vision for our purpose.  We find  awe in the unknown being revealed in our obedience.

I am deciding right now to let go of yesteday’s glory and seek the new of Glory of 2012.  Want to come with me?

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