Posture of Miracles

I had no intention of writing a blog post on Christmas but something dawned on me in a new way this morning and I am compelled to share.  Our family went to church this morning for Christmas morning service and something Robert Morris said struck me.  He made what was almost a passing comment in the overall scheme of his message but for me it was the main point.

Towards the end of the message, he said that God came to earth and was born “into the most humble circumstances.”  He included this in his overall theme of the miracle that was Christmas to begin with, which is available to us and can be carried within us still today.

The posture of humility is a posture to receive miracles in our lives.  We are positioned to enjoy the manifestation of Heaven on earth when humility is our attitude.  When we recognize the awesome reality of what is possible and appropriately align ourselves by contrast, the otherwise impossible is now possible.

The Christmas story is miraculous.  God humbled Himself to live among men in order to restore that which was lost by men. The miracle that resulted in establishment of a Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.  This is a Kingdom of miracles based entirely on the humility of sacrificial Love. 

Christmas started about 2000 years ago.  Same miracle, same God and same Truth then as it is now and forever.

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