The Roles of Royalty

Under the surface of the roles that we play, there are core identity consistencies which we share.  While I play the role of husband, father, lawyer, citizen, etc., those things do not define the essence of the intention of who I am.  We all share a lowest common denominator of purpose in our existence.  We ultimately come from the same Designer, with consistent design.

My son, who is three years old, recognized the core of identity the other day.  He looked at my wife and said, “Mommy, you are a princess.  You are a princess and so is Sissy (what he often calls my daughter, Olivia).”

She said to him, “that’s right, Haynes, and what are you?”  He said, “I am a King and Daddy is a King.”

The core of our identity, according to John Eldredge and Haynes is those two royal titles.  As men, we are meant to rule and reign as kings with and for the King.  The only righteous and legitimate rule is that which is sacrificial in its service to those who are led.  The title, authority and purpose is conferred by the King to extend the purposes of the King.  Only to the degree that the King is represented is the representation and role in the proper context. This is a position of humility and service, which breeds reciprocity in trust and respect.

My wife and daughter are created with the heart and soul of a princess. They are quite normal in that they are carry a beauty that is designed to be put on display. They want to know that they are worthy of being rescued and that there is a king who is for them. Their king shows them the Love of the King. This is a desire to love and be loved which releases trust, love, respect and loyalty when the king in their life serves them well.

When we step into Eternal identity, the complexity of life become simplified. We can operate from who we are instead of fear and insecurity to protect the self-created faces we show the rest of the world. The Peace of knowing who we are is found in yielding to know why we are and for Whom we are  in the first place.

Happy Birthday to my princess, Julie Ann Prickett! What an honor it is to be trusted with your beauty and to come into agreement with your calling so that you are properly put on display. I love you and am for you, princess Julie.

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