Mommy’s Friend

My wife and kids were in an auto accident recently. They were at a red light when another driver ran their car in to the rear of our car and smashed the trunk all the way up to the back glass. It was not a minor impact, but everyone was relatively well.

When I asked our three-year old son about what happened, he described it in some detail. He said that they were in the car and then “boom, Mommy’s friend hit our car.”  I already knew that Julie had not known the lady driving the car that hit them but also knew immediately why Haynes would say it was her friend.

When Julie was on the phone with me from the accident scene, at one point she paused our conversation to talk to the other lady while I could hear them talking over the phone.  Julie was comforting the lady and telling her that it was important for her not to worry and that she needed to sleep easy tonight. Julie was being a friend to a lady who had smashed our car, caused my kids to cry, ruined the groceries in the trunk, likely cost us time and money and caused my wife some immediate physical pain.

Anybody that knows Julie will recognize her through the description as they read this. They know that this is how she acts and reacts. She is a walking picture of Grace and Love flowing through her. She cares about strangers and makes their day better. Her testimony would be that she has not always behaved in that way. She once held the ability to cuss a person out as well as anyone. Then she met Grace and came to know Love.

The presence and intimacy of transforming Love have resulted in multiplication through Julie. She not only blesses people all the time in various circumstances whether they are familiar or strangers but she teaches our children how to love unconditionally. Haynes didn’t filter the information he shared as he is only three. All he knew was that Mommy was a friend to the lady that had hit us. Forgiveness was done because Forgiveness is done and my kids see that as normal. I am in awe of the Blessings I am afforded through Julie.

2 thoughts on “Mommy’s Friend

  1. Scott, reading your words I am seeing the spiritual fruit jump of the screen out of what your wife demonstrated.
    God bless you and Julie and the family He gave you continually!!!


  2. That is the Julie I know, and am blessed to call my mentor and friend. People look at me kinda funny when I talk about her because I call her “my Julie”. There are several people in my life right now named Julie, but she stands out from all of them in many ways. And she is “my Julie” 🙂

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