Vision for Tomorrow

I am beginning to reflect on 2011 and consider 2012.  I want to be intentional about leadership of my family and stewardship of the responsibilities and opportunities I manage.  I seek to align myself and our decisions with the Plans and Purposes we have been destined for.

As I consider the coming year, the first inclination towards vision was goal setting.  Goal setting includes specific, measurable objectives and a process for periodic measurements to evaluate success.  This would include professional and personal goals including everything from personal fitness, family activities, number of new clients, etc.

What if that isn’t the deal at all?  What if the measurable goal setting which is so widely adopted is not the intention for Vision?  In the alternative, I began to consider attitudes and intentions.  I began to think about why I do what I do in the first place.

If I set the best goals that I could consider and pulled it all off, yeah for me.  The rewards would be tangible, more than likely.  The inclination would be to set related goals to build on the now accomplished measurements in a  year or so.

In the wake of my pursuit of things to do, what have I sacrificed emotionally and relationally?  Have I left a personal and intimate connection with my wife and children in the wake of my activities to show them what a good husband and father I can be?  Is there resolve to connect at a heart level in the activities that have been planned in my head?

This line of questioning led me to an attitude more than an action plan.  In the coming year there will be plenty of opportunities to do plenty of things.  The attitude I will seek to incorporate into every one of my decisions is “who is this for?”

While there will be things that are immediately done by me and maybe even for me, if they don’t ultimately serve my family then perhaps they shouldn’t be done at all.  If there is an attitude of sacrifice that means I will attempt to filter all actions through the question of who am I serving, then there will be things that I say no to which I might have otherwise done.

That’s a scary proposition.  The idea of true leadership which sacrifices entirely for the benefit of those that follow is intimidating when it begins to challenge everything.  The rewards of selflessness have immediate attraction and Peace, but the knowledge of sacrifice needed to be there whispers doubts and fears.

There has been a Way made for me which was paid for by Sacrifice.  I have been afforded the honor of making a way for others who trust me.  They will trust me and follow me as far as I sacrifice for them.  The choice is right, but not easy.

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