Turning From Chaos to Excellence

I have many court-appointed clients.  They could not afford an attorney so they are provided one as the Constitution requires.  This is a protection of freedom for not only those that can afford it, but for everyone. If even one were denied protection of their freedom, then freedom would be compromised for all.

Many times, these court appointed clients have a lifestyle of chaos. They have bought into lies regarding their worth and ability and the manifestation of the lies is prevalent in their circumstances.  They are late to court, they come unprepared and they have expectations that are not rooted in the reality or severity of the situation.  Of course, their choices leading up to this point put them in a position to be charged in the first place.

If I meet them in their circumstances and try to defend them with a blind eye towards what got them here, I have not really served them fully.  The task at hand is to ensure that their rights and protections are respected.  It is also to insist that the charges are supported by evidence which is sufficient for the court to find them guilty.

It is more than that, though.  It is to speak Truth into their lives to plant seeds of order.  For those that open the door, the invitation of the opportunity is to plant a seed of Hope and Redemption or nurture seeds that were planted some time ago.  Without that effort, the certainty of repetition in their life of chaos is intact.

When my children, ages eight and three, get in trouble they often immediately say “I”m sorry.”  I’m sure that they are, in part because they are facing consequences.  For them, or for any of us, “sorry” is a good start but it is not a posture of change.

Only when we follow our sorrow with a decision to turn away from those things that have lured us into consequences can we stop the cycle of regret.  Only when we turn away from the attraction and lure of the temptations that grip us can we begin to step into the Promise of the One that awaits us.

We weren’t put here to be sorry.  We were put here to be excellent.  To excel in the likeness of Excellence. That destiny is available and calling to each of us but regret alone does not direct our journey towards our destiny.  Conscious decisions of turning away from the shallow and fleeting sensations of the lies that bound are needed.  Conscious decision to answer the call of Excellence submits us to the nature of Excellence which results in leaving the destruction of compromise behind.

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