Believing Beyond Ourselves

As I was talking to a middle-aged, blue-collar type of guy the other day I referred him to an internet address for further information regarding our topic.  He responded that he didn’t have a computer and didn’t “believe in them.”  Oh, OK.

I kind of chuckled later as I thought about his position regarding computers and the internet.  Maybe it’s a passing fad?  More likely than not, though, his lack of belief is not very well grounded in reality or even common-sense. There’s a decent chance that his aversion to computers is born of insecurity from a lack of knowledge and familiarity.

While his perspective of the internet is extreme, the idea that people form opinions and beliefs on nothing more than their own limitations is not.  Most of us have, in fact, created personal religions and belief systems much like we choose vegetables at a buffet line. When considering the foundations of our beliefs, if we allow our own likes, dislikes and limitations to dictate what we conclude is ultimately True, then we are elevating ourselves to be the ultimate source.

Truth is Permanent and Eternal, waiting for us to uncover deeper layers of revelation as we seek the Heart of Truth.  Truth does not compromise for our personal preferences and bias.  The reward of finding is that we are changed. Truth as well as the Source of Truth remains the same.

Truth challenges me when compared to my flaws, fears and failures.  My flaws are waiting to be roughed out and polished if I can first admit that they are flaws, which I can only recognize when compared to a Greater standard than myself.  When I hold onto my junk with justifications based in pride, laziness and lack of vision then I am declaring that I don’t believe in anything but me.  When it all depends on me, it’s going to get ugly.

I believe in computers and the internet for what they are worth.  Beyond that, the choice to believe in the Source of it all is a choice of adventure, discovery and continual pursuit of depth. I can’t really define the Fullness of belief until the Fullness of belief defines me. The Best in me comes up and out of me when the rest of me gives way.

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